Handmade gardening Scissors

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Gardening scissors 

Made in Kyoto, Japan

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Kanekata Cutlery / Yamada Sensei

Kanetaka has handed down the secret sauce in cutlery for over 200 years since the days when the Japan's ruler summoned Kanetaka's ancestors for re-constructing the Nijo Castle, now a World Heritage Site.  They are renowned for making world-class cutlery, and many visitors come from across the global to this store in Kyoto to purchase their products.  In his studio with over 100 years of history, the apprentices like Master Yamada have spent full three years chopping charcoal and additional ten years making perfect fire as part of their training before they were even allowed to touch the blades.  "I can count the number of people who can make cutlery of the same quality with one hand," says Master Yamada.



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