Hayakawa Heavy-Duty Single-Bevel Kitchen Knife

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If you're looking for a chef's knife that can do it all, look no further. This heavy-duty single-bevel knife is made by the one and only Master Hayakawa of Kyoto, Japan. We've kept this traditional style knife completely authentic with a high quality, heavy-duty blade that can cut through a wide range of meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits. Perfect for industry professionals who demand the best from their tools.

Single bevel knives are favored in specific types of cooking, such as Japanese, as they offer a key advantage – they are extremely sharp. This is due to the fact they only need to be honed on one side so it is easier to create a much smaller, thus sharper, angle. This allows precision slicing, dicing and cutting which is essential in Japanese cuisine, particularly when crafting sushi.

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